Saturday, July 21, 2007


I found that I've been cribbing a little too much lately (even by my normal standards :D) ... so i thought I'll put together a ‘little’ list of 'I-wish'es. So here goes!

Political wishes

- I wish our country sees able leadership come up at SOME point in my lifetime. We last saw that phenomenon in the Jurassic era.
- I wish Sonia Gandhi leaves the country. (Fat chance!)
- I wish the Congress would stop sucking up to SG so much.
- I wish Pratibha Patil does NOT become prez for the country. We've enough incompetence as it is without new contenders.
- I wish Dr. Kalaam returns.
- I wish politicians would stop patronizing minorities so much. It jars.
- I wish the majority stops squabbling amongst themselves and display a modicum of unity and strength, both of the mind and the muscle.
- I wish Kashmir’s Hindus return to the Valley in pride and in honour.
- I wish all Kashmiri militants dead.
- I wish Mohammad Afzal (the guy who planned to blow up the Indian Parliament) is finally hanged.
- I wish those who caused the Mumbai train blasts are caught and subjected to a death a little less benign that ‘to-hang-unto-death’.

Road wishes

- I wish roads wouldn’t get inundated every time there’s a shower.
- I wish people would start respecting road rules a little bit more.
- I wish people wouldn't use the road as a loo or a spittoon.
- I wish the government puts up loos and spittoons all over the place.
- I wish people USE these and not the road for god's sake!

Home wishes

- I wish I there were robotic maids in my house:-D. Here’s is my thought on it. They should be 'intelligent' contraptions. Maybe have furry blades fastened on their underside. They should move horizontal to the ground squirting water (mixed with a disinfectant:-D) and cleaning it simultaneously. Darting all over the place, they should be equipped with sensors to avoid solid objects in their way. Maybe the sensors should work like a bat's. Depending on the kind of feedback they get when they shoot whatever it is that sensors shoot, these little wonders would figure out if they're approaching wood, metal, plant, concrete or flesh (that's us. Pets would fall into that category too.) And then cleverly clean all around it too.
- I wish there was a dishwasher for Indian households. With the kind of ingredients and utensils we use, there should be special custom-made dishwashers for us.

Filmi/TV wishes

- I wish Telugu movies being screened these days wouldn't be so mind-numbingly dumb!
- I wish to see ONE decent Telugu movie!!! (Can't seem to find one :(( Bommarillu and Aite would be exceptions to this though.)
- I wish directors started dressing their leading ladies in clothes and not where-are-the-clothes. (This one’s global I guess, not just Telugu.)
- I wish Telugu songs would have sensible lyrics in them!
- I wish Telugu movie plots would go beyond the menacing-villain, beefy-hero-with-flashback, garment-shy-heroines and garmentless item-girls charade.
- I wish SMS-based voting in reality TV shows stops. It obviously doesn’t make sense if people are voting only because the person’s from his/her area and not because he/she sings better than the others. That’s sad.

Children wishes

- I wish people would send their children to school.
- I wish children wouldn’t beg on the streets.
- I wish schools weren’t this pricey. 20000 for a children’s nursery school seems rather stupid to the mind. Think about higher levels of education then.
- I wish children wouldn’t be abused.

Gen wishes

- I wish that the gen-next and gen-ex embrace the ancient wisdom that Bharat is so rooted in.
- I wish men respect the women in their lives. And vice-versa.
- I wish the old didn’t have to live in old-age homes.
- I wish everyone had a loving family. Like I do:).

Me wishes

- I wish to remain a big fan of Lord Sri Ramachandra always.
- I wish to see dawn throughout my life. Kuch samjhe? :)
- I wish to have my family with me. Always.
- I wish I continue to dance. For all eternity. With love and devotion towards the celestial art.
- I wish not to clamour for fame in dance, but joy. Ok. A little fame wouldn’t hurt I guess.
- I wish I could control my temper.
- I wish to have my own little house filled with people and things I love most in my life:), with a little garden filled with trees and flowers. Basically, lots of nature.
- I wish I had a pet cat. Love cats.
- I wish I had a dog too. Like dogs. Besides, it’ll keep my darling cat, company. :D
- I wish I wouldn’t be so scared of attachment.
- I wish I could manage my time better.
- I wish to visit Chidambaram, Tiruvarur, Tanjavur and Bhadrachalam.
- I wish I could dance in front of all the holy temples of India.
- I wish I could perform at the Khajuraho festival.
- I wish I could get my hands on the Harry Potter book 7. :D
- I wish the Tathaastu-devtas would say ‘So be it’ to my wish-list:).

Jai Ramji ki and Jai Hind!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I just wrote a damn big juicy blog describing in intricate detail the surgical removal of my wisdom tooth. Ok. Maybe I just touched upon the topic rather delicately like dewdrop on a flower petal. So much for similies. But I WROTE a big blog, and it all got deleted when I accidentally closed the window :(((((. Hayyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Great. I'm back to my basic form of expression. Cribs.

Too irritated to write half-an-epic now. Hmph. Night.


Oops. False alarm. Turns out my big juicy blog wasn't deleted after all. Heh heh. (Sheepish chuckle).

And the big story is ...

I went to my dance/carnatic vocal classes today with a swollen cheek ... an aftermath of parting ways with my gyaan dant. Luckily, the l'll fellow was hardly connected to the jaw-bone, with the result that if my dentist were a wizard, a mere flick of the wand could've remedied my problem.

My previous tryst with another maverick molar wasn't a walk in the park though. More like a walk in the Forbidden Forest. Ok. I confess. I love the Harry Potter books. Anywayyyyyyyyyy ... classes were nice. I learnt this 'Sabdam' (a type/class of item in Kuchipudi) called 'Prahlada Pattabhisheka Sabdam'. Was very nice. Goes to the Misra Chaapu taala (123-1234). Lovely piece. And my teacher's abhinaya (expression) is so well done, its a treat to watch her I tell you.

Dance ... sigh ... just love it. Its like family you know. All the while when I was practicing my vocals, I had my left hand on my left cheek to sort of quell the swelling and hope fervently that it was invisible. But with dance, I didn't care if I had the swelling or whether my puffy face assumes wierd expressions instead of the one I was trying to in fact, portray or if I'd got christened as 'chubbs' today evening ... all that mattered was that I was dancing. And what with the recent Tirupati trip and my being ill the whole of last week, I could hardly get around to practice. So today was nice ... like homecoming :).

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Will you look at the time! Big day tomorrow. Tataxxx.

PS : Is it me or did my crib blog turn out better than this 'lost-and-found' one? Comments?

Vijayostu gyaan dantalaku!

Its been a long impending decision to get my wisdom tooth removed. Finally when the damn thing threatened to infect its healthy molar neighbours, I had to roll up my sleeves and take action.

The dentist after prodding the tooth a little bit,barked to his assistant ... "Get me the chisel and the hammer". Help. After my tooth was dislodged with the combined efforts of the c, the h and the machine, I ambled home and here I am ... scribbling down this blog in a lot less interesting fashion than it should be.