Monday, November 26, 2007

Cold. Again. And Again. And Again. Grrr.

I'm back from Vizag and I've got myself the season's in-thing ... a cold. AGAIN. Maaaaaaaan!!! I've always prided myself in my resistance but it looks like I'b had a rubby noze all this year!!! I HATE cold and where best to crib than my blog ... where the privacy is defeaning what with hardly a reader to intrude upon my wonderfully verbiose world of words.

Here's wishing me a speedy recovery and AT LEAST 2 years of cold-less health!!! :) And oh ... some comments on my blog might aid too :D !!! (Yes yes, I like to see someone commenting on the blogs I write! And hey! Who doesn't?!?!?!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bai blues!

If there was a house which cleaned itself, which did not require a money-mongering maid to cater to it, wouldn't that be just great? (Yes, maid problems galore!) As soon as its 6 in the morning, the earth would make way for these nozzles that would spray water onto the pathway. Built into the wall would be a cabinet with these cleaning contraptions, things , sorry 'beings' whom I shall affectionately address as Robo-bais, or wait ... better still "Ro-bais" :D. My robais will clean the pathway, would let the house sparkle and in general, bring good cheer. And all they'd ask for is a couple of drops of oil for the ol' hinges. For further info on how a robai works, please read my previous blog. :D

Maybe, they'll save the world some day. Maybe there'd be movies made on them. Of the top of my head, "Bai Bai baby" sounds good. With the power of the robai, the average Indian housewife would be able to put an end to the whimsical attitude of the average Indian bai. She could shoo them away if they don't work properly, without getting a horrid feeling in the pit of her stomach. And a bloody pain in the small of her back.

Normal bais who generally thrive on fat salaries and sloppy housework would be replaced by robais would would brighten the house with the musical whirr of their gears and whatever it is that makes them work, and in return would ask for only a little oil to satiate their mechanical apetites. Oh amazing! I love the idea. And the best part is, these robais must be solar-powered. Imagine an army of robais at your whim powered by the Sun. Your house would be clean. Your idea might actually sell. You'd be rich!!! You'd rule the woooooooooorld. Maybe I should rein in my imagination a little bit.

Sigh. Alright alright, I hate these maids. Not one of them does a good job, they threaten to leave if they're are reprimanded, let alone blasted. They wouldn't let others join if they're kicked out. Hate them! But you've got to live with them. Grrr.