Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quarter century. Not out :D!

Yesterday, I successfully completed the first quarter of my life:). Happy B'day to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I'm not quite sure if I should wave flags and buntings and shout 'yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!' or bear an Oh-maaaaaaaan-not-alreadyyyyyyyyy kinda attitude. Heck! I'll take the first option! I thought it would be a nice tribute to my yesteryear memories if I sit and recollect the ones I found fondest.

Hmmm .... I just realized that recollecting fond memories is the nicest thing on earth but blogging all that ... not a cup of tea. If only the keyboard could be connected to the brain, so, as the sentences form, off they go into the blog. Sigh. And thus are obliterated, yet again, from history that could have been made, reminiscences both sweet and sour.

Oh well … at least I can always pen down what happened yesterday:). I got loads of phone calls for one thing:). That felt nice. I took amma out for that movie Chak De! India (I really liked this one! I generally prefer Not watching SRK in action, 'coz its constant crappy mush with him and his brigade of Karan J and Aditya C, but this movie ... man ... came in like a breath of fresh air when stuck in traffic jam on a flyover built over a once-upon-a-time-fresh-water-now-sewage body of water ... but that's a different story) and then we dined at a nice restaurant:).

There were couple more same-yappy-budday people out there. One family (Mother, Father, Sister and younger brother) was dining alongside us. Reminded us of how we used to go out like that too:). But with bro' taking wing for higher studies, combined with an alarming increase in distaste for restaurant food saw us bid that rare tradition goodbye. So it was a mother-and-daughter day out and it was nice:). Oh yeah, and my office colleagues gave me a pen and a keychain. I had specifically gotten down on my knees (figuratively of course :D) and begggggged them not to give me the traditional artistic-clock thingummy that they usually spring upon the suspecting public :D. Hey! Maybe I just flagged off a spate of keychain-pen birthday gifts now. Oh well…

So that’s that. Tataxxx

Saturday, August 11, 2007


You know what's depressing ... opening your blog for the millionth time and seeing 'zero comments' underneath each of your posts. So whoever's reading this, please post your kind comments :D.

PS : Maybe there should be an edit in the software that drives a blog, that unless the reader (other than the blogger him/her self:D ofcourse) leaves a comment, he/she shouldn't be allowed to navigate to another pane or close the window even :D? If ever the blogger wanted some hatred in his/her life, this would be a surefire way of recieving it in spades:D.