Sunday, March 8, 2009

The chronicles of a married couple ...

N : Honey! I'm home!
M: Aa gaye!!! (The whole hindi phillum style ... wife standing with belan in hand scene) Ab yaad aayi tumhe ghar ki?
N : Mujhe bahut bhook lag rahi hai? Khaana do mujhe...
M:(Taken aback) Tumne mujhe samajh kya rakha hai? Naukraani hoon kya tumhari?
N : Jo bhi ho ... raani tho hoooooooo
M: (Rolling eyes) Why do I even bother?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fortune fame, mirror vain, gone insane, but the memory remains.

I am back! From Sunny Florida baby! Of course, the 4 days we stayed there, it was raining, freezing and in general far removed from its out'ray'geous title. I went up ... down rather, to meet up with me bro who studies there. And K is his roomie. K, a.k.a, sthitham.

Trip over, it was time to leave. I vowed to myself that I would sleep ASAP and get up real early (at this point in time, my husband snorted and excused himself. Probably to laugh himself silly, but oh well...) and leave the next day at 8.00 AM. And then we all went ahead and stayed up till 2.30 AM. I don't know what it was that started our trip down memory lane (you see, sthitham, me bro, and I, have known each other since 16 years. Ok. I've known my brother longer, but you get the general idea.), but we picked up speed and started recounting stuff that went past the Jurassic era and clamoured back to my pre-US days.

I think the discussion started out with how my brother owed me money. (:D) And our fights, our first swear words ... stuff like that. Bonding, bonding, and more bonding. My husband of course was only a poor, imprisoned witness to all our ramblings. As I said, we were bonding.

It was in the course of the conversation, (by this time, we had come to my pre-US days) that medical care in the US came up, and how it was so absurdly heavy on the purse. (And the soul, coz to pay for stuff here, you might just have to sell it to the devil). And of course we had to then launch on our injuries through the years, our cuts and bruises, going into indepth detailing of the various hues and fluids that spawned out of it. Dentists can't be far off when you speak of injuries and that's how this story came up.

Just before I came to the US, I got my two remaining wisdom teeth removed. From the moment, that damned dull ache started in my jaw I knew that it was time to bid goodbye to my two remaining structures of sapience in my jawline. "To the dentist", was the slogan raised. When I went in, I didn't recognize him at first, (he did put on some weight and had grown a moustache (its amazing what a difference that thing makes to a face)) but obviously it didn't take long to exchange courtesies and there we were, on that familiar dentist's stool+sofa+couch+electric chair thingy with that blinding light on my face and the dentist's voice telling me that 'This might hurt a bit'. (You think?)

After the first tooth was removed, and somewhere between removing the second, the dentist goes "Please ma. Don't bite." I nod and mumble "Ohe hoechor". After a couple of minutes, the dentist says again in that sing-song voice of his, "Pls ma ... don't bite ma. You are biting my hand ma". Ouch. Embarrassing. Thanks to the anaesthetic, I had no sensation of biting anyone and I thought his first statement was more of a 'I'm doing this in your mouth, there is a chance that you might clamp your jaws on my palm. Please don't' kinda warning. Poor chap. I really was sinking my teeth into his hand. Ugh. Of course I scrambled as much as I could in that dentist's chair thingy, and wishing heartily to turn into vapour, I mumbled an 'Oh' and many-a-sorry, all starting with 'h' and sounding like a bunch of 'h's and 'o's.

By the time I finished that story, I had tears in my eyes. Actually everyone did. I think everyone might have had internal injuries too, from all the laughter. (Chuckles) Yep... some trips truly rock. Especially the ones that involve memory lanes. They are fun. And they are free. :D