Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ramlalji, aaj main bhi maan gaya ... Jo jeeta wahi sikander!

So I've been watching Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander again. And again. And again. And again. In a space of 5 hours, I have watched that wonderful climax at least 6-7 times, not including the whole movie everytime cheering for my beloved Sanju aka Aamir Cutie Khan. (Note: I don't care if you think I am jobless.)

However I think they made a mistake in the filming of the race. Everytime the race is on, the commentator speaks of "Baramullah ke khatarnaak pahaadi" and tops it with the "Kodaikanal road". I thought the whole story was set in Dehradun. So unless Kodaikanal is mountain range in Dehradun, (which I very much doubt), the filmmakers made a mistake here. But I nitpick. I just love that movie. First of all, there is that sure fire theme of the underdog win, which I in general lap up like a hunger-ridden Jack Russel. Then the songs. There's peppy, romantic classic, awww, so cuuuuute, you take your pick.

My favourite is however not any particular song though (I like all of them, even the "Naam hai mera fonseca"). My fav in the movie is that climax track. The part where Sanju is right behind that Shekhar Malhotra and the music goes from adrenaline-squirt to adrenaline-pump. And slowly he overtakes him in that 'dhin-chak-dhin -dhindhin-chak' drone. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

I have been thinking though, if there were a sequel to JJWS, what and how would it be. Forget sequel, after Sanju gets home with that gigantic cup in his hand, I wonder how his formidable dad would treat him? Finally give him the bhaav he has been craving for since Act1, scene1? His brother Ratan would be incredibly proud of him though, but maybe the attention would get to him finally and he would start feeling jealous of his kid bro? I wonder what would happen. There really should be a sequel to this. Really.

Until then, I shall watch that climax (and maybe the whole movie) again :D. Jai Ramji ki mai-baap!!!