Monday, February 25, 2008

Are you an artist? Do you have an outstation trip planned?!?!? Then read on ...

The amount of trudging around I did in Rail Nilayam today, you'd think I know the layout of the building ... foundation et al। Stepping into that formidable fortress of quintessial government b'cracy, I was conscious of the task I had in front of me. I was supposed to get the concession forms for a dance trip I had planned. The term 'mammoth' comes to mind. The trip was to cover Kumbhakonam and Thanjavur. Armed with all the necessary documents, I step in.

'Halt!' barked the security guard। 'Railway concession', said I, to which he threw me a look and a few words, the net result being that I was in the wrong building, and that Sanchalan Bhavan was where I should've been, not Rail Nilayam. The words of a guard of course... not to be taken too seriously. 45 min later, I'm marching out towards Sanchalan Bhavan. Grumble.

Surprise! My onward journey says Kacheguda to Kumbhakonam, while my return journey states Thanjavur to Sec'bad। Can't do, I'm told. If you're going from A to B, then the return must hold B to A, and nothing else. Sulks.

Now I've to go Back to Telugu University and get that form changed and then crawl back to Rail Nilayam/Sanchalan Bhavan whichever and get the tickets done. Half a day in the sweltering sun, and a task not done. But it'll all be worth it, when I dance at the magnificent Brihadeeswara temple at Thanjavur. :)