Friday, June 29, 2007

Blog pratibha

Its been some time since I blogged. Wonder if my writing skills are still as keen as a razor blade, that went sunbathing last week on the edge of a wash basin and forgot to come back. It does feel good to write again though. My previous blog was devoted exclusively to 3 wonderful forms of expression.
1. Ranting
2. Raving
3. General cribbing

I've decided now though, that I'll cut down on all that. And eventually stamp it out of my system. I can hear my best friend chuckle "Mission Impossible?" already. Nonetheless I shall persevere to soliloquise upon how beautiful life is. About how wonderful it is that our country is making headway in various fields. That we're getting a brand new president, a woman at that! Now now ... we shouldn't close our minds to this wonderful Mrs. Whats-her-name-oh-yeah-Patil-Pratibha-Patil just because she
1. is incompetent
2. carresses controversy like it were her pet pom,
3. has sent her spine on an indefinite holiday to some lost part of the world and
4. was handpicked by the italian mafia for precisely these exemplary characteristics.

Must...celebrate ...must (choke) rejoice ... must... control .. urge... to fling... hefty object at wall. So... as I was saying, I hereby dedicate THIS blog to writing cheerful stuff like that.

Oh, and speaking of cheerful (seriously cheerful I mean) looking forward to my dance program on the 25th of July. Its at this Venkateswara Swami Temple near my place. The day happens to be 'Toli Ekadasi', very auspicious reportedly. Can't wait!

I think, for a first post, this will do. Tataxxx.